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01 Aug

On Values

Believes are the foundation of personal values. Changing believes is the work to be done if personal values does not match the organisation’s set of values. Or just …leave.

Here are some point of view regarding values and believes:

The Values Crisis Shaking the Republican Party

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02 Dec

Cartela de pontaj

Unii oameni au câteva cicluri pe zi de performanţă care nu pot fi dictate de pro­gramul cu «cartela de pontaj». Orarul fle­xibil sau glisant este o practică deja a seco­lului 20. Mă aştept de la factorii de decizie din secolul 21 la un program de lu­cru de acasă/ remote, ultraflexilbil, con­struit pe eve­nimente, nu pe «con­serve»…Ovidiu Panea - senior partner AMP

29 Nov

Call Center KPI

Business  & Personal Performance powered by measurable data: Call Center Key Performance Indicators.

29 Nov

Marketing KPI

Business  & Personal Performance powered by measurable data: Marketing Key Performance Indicators.

29 Nov

Sales KPI

Business  & Personal Performance powered by measurable data: Sales Key Performance Indicators.