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06 Jun

Deloitte Human Capital Trends and AMP

How AMP aligns with these trends

Beyond LOMINGER 120 leadership skills training, online and live leadership assessment ref. motivation, values and performance, meta-competence training, High Performance coaching, flow coaching, high performance competence modeling techniques, new type of “systemic” companies programmes and more…

Lead and develop

  • Develop new leaders faster, globalize leadership programs, and build deeper bench strength: globally aware, innovative, experienced in the business, and ready to make decisions quickly and with rigor.
  • Online content, MOOCs, collaboration tools, and social media now fuel a training model where employees own their skills and experts share knowledge freely.
  • A new model of performance management.
  • Locate and develop expertise in compressed time.

Attract and engage

  • Aggressively market their employment brand, and re-recruit employees.  Re-engineer the end-to-end talent acquisition programs
  • Looking for employers that inspire passion and allow them to fulfill their professional, personal, and social goals. “Attracting and inspiring people” by delivering a fulfilling work experience that aligns personal and corporate goals.
  • Build a truly diverse workforce – one that attracts and engages people of all types and keeps the organization open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new people, and new leadership.
  • Manage the frenetic communications practices that overwhelm employees, simplify the work environment, create more flexible work standards, and teach workers how to prioritize.

Transform and reinvent

  • Transform HR professionals  in talent areas but also in understanding how the business works, makes money, and competes.
  • Implement true business-oriented talent analytics can double their engagement, improve revenue, and dramatically increase almost every business measure by making better people decisions.
  • Develop the right talent strategy and  have a fully integrated online solution.
  • Talent strategies global in scale, but still agile enough to effectively recruit, train and develop people locally. A new model of high-impact HR  lets innovation and local control work together with global coordination and standards to drive global business expansion.