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11 Oct

Lateral Action: How to run a no rules org.

Ricardo Semler (SEMCO): practical wisdom for business and education.

Ricardo Semler is perhaps the best, low-profile CEO leader in business today. Semco gets hundreds of unsolicited resumes every month, and no one leaves. In the worst 10-year recession in Brazil’s history, revenues grew 600%, profits were up 500%, and productivity rose 700%. Innovative Stakeholders have taken them into profitable industries they could have never dreamed of entering, and they continue to grow exponentially.

Business Wisdom: “…we said, let’s devolve to these people, let’s give these people a company where we take away all the boarding school aspects of, this is when you arrive, this is how you dress, this is how you go to meetings, this is what you say, this is what you don’t say, and let’s see what’s left. So we started this about 30 years ago, and we started dealing with this very issue. And so we said, look, the retirement, the whole issue of how we distribute our graph of life. Instead of going mountain climbing when you’re 82, why don’t you do it next week? And we’ll do it like this, we’ll sell you back your Wednesdays for 10 percent of your salary. So now, if you were going to be a violinist, which you probably weren’t, you go and do this on Wednesday.”

School Wisdom: “… we created this school, which is called Lumiar, and Lumiar says the following: Let’s divide this role of the teacher into two. One guy, we’ll call a tutor. A tutor, in the old sense of the Greek “paideia”: Look after the kid. What’s happening at home, what’s their moment in life, etc.. But please don’t teach, because the little you know compared to Google, we don’t want to know. Keep that to yourself… Now, we’ll bring in people who have two things: passion and expertise, and it could be their profession or not. And we use the senior citizens, who are 25 percent of the population with wisdom that nobody wants anymore. So we bring them to school and we say,teach these kids whatever you really believe in (…) we keep a digital mosaic. It’s something where we keep the Brazilian curriculum with 600 tiles of a mosaic, which we want to expose these kids to by the time they’re 17. And follow this all the time and we know how they’re doing and we say, you’re not interested in this now, let’s wait a year. And the kids are in groups that don’t have an age category, so the six-year-old kid who is ready for that with an 11-year-old, that eliminates all of the gangs and the groups and this stuff that we have in the schools, in general.”