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Contribute to defining the National Standard Performance Model – Romania and learn about yourself:

  • Motivation for success?
  • Leadership attitude?
  • Support for successful teams?
  • The working style that suits you best?
  • Your favorite managerial language?
  • How do you adapt to change?
  • The values that guide you?


Why are each of us acting so differently?

Why is it that something attracts us and we can interact without limits and something repels us and we do things loathingly?

Why don’t we understand when someone communicates with us but we get along perfectly with someone else?

Why do we make our decisions this way and not the other way around?

Why do we like to work in an environment and avoid other environment? Why does everyone operate according to their own mindset?

Why do we think differently?

Why do we believe or appreciate the world differently?

These are questions for which we know the answers or can infer them from mindset reports. Especially when you compare your mindset with the other person’s. And so side by side, mindset profile by profile, we build the National Mindset Performance Model of Romania to be used for future development of this great nation.



Learn more about yourself. Known and unknown. And you begin to understand yourself. When you study your personal profile online after completing your profile. Your mindset related to motivation and attitudes towards your business or work environment. And the cultural values you trust.


35 minutes per assessment. You fill in the online questionnaire about excellence/vulnerability mindset.



It’s called Corporate Social Responsibility. You demonstrate that you are a company that cares about the human performance potential spread across Romania.  And about the self-discovery of your people. And the cultural values of the community in which you co-exist. And last but not least, you care about Romania.


You communicate the ideas of the National Mindset Performance Model to your people and to the community around you. After all, you are the direct beneficiary of your people’s performance.



You get the full National Mindset Performance Model report and comparative comments at European level for each parameter (ebook). And a brand promotion of your name/brand as a sponsor during all public communications.


You are supporting the National Model project with your available resources: time, people, money, information, testimonials, recommendations, tools and means of communication and transport.



You understand the social transformation potential and Romanians’ motivation to take action. How they are challenged to do something or stay at home. And last but not least, what are the values of the community you represent. Compared to your own. A chance for internal analysis. And a lesson of democracy.


You are filling in the questionnaires. And you are spreading the news about the National Mindset Performance Model yo the press, television, radio, online, etc.

Join the National Mindset Performance Model and receive in addition “Human Business Excellence News” a Newsletter with information, news and successful mindset applications of these tests in the world, comparisons with other human competency measurement systems and examples from the “MODELATOR” program for customized evolutive transformation.


  • What motivates the Romanians (measure the “will” that determines
  • How are Romanians most likely to behave, not just how they are trained to behave in professional activities?
  • How can they be involved in activities?
  • How can they get support for high performance and productivity?
  • What style of work best suits them?
  • How do they prefer to communicate and what language motivates them?
  • How are they likely to adapt and react when their role changes?
  • How can new employees receive support to familiarise themselves with the working environment quickly?
  • How can the conflict between two individuals in Romania can be resolved and managed?


  • Measures individual motivation and attitude, in direct relation to job performance.
  • As there are no generic labels or frameworks – recognises the complexity of the ways people behave at work.
  • Statistically measures changes in thinking and concentration patterns.
  • Accessible in real time, online on mobile, tablet or computer – scale tests.
  • Fast. Completion time is 25 to 45 minutes per questionnaire.
  • Globally available and culturally adapted – available in 21 countries and 4 languages.
  • Our expertise in statistical analysis and methodology drives to objective analyses and strategies for replicating top performance and subsequent recruitment.
  • Does not judge, but describes. No individual profile is good or bad… right or wrong.
  • Secure and confidential.


What we measure?

Factori operationali: (16 variabile)

  • Unde se află pe grafic, între initiativa si actiune versus reflectie si rabdare?
  • Prefera sa lucreze pentru rezultate sau se concentreaza mai mult pe rezolvarea problemelor si eliminarea riscului?
  • Prefera sa decida pentru ei insisi sau e mai probabil sa asculte intai ce au altii de spus?
  • Lucreaza urmand procedurile sau le place sa creeze alternative si sa tina cont de optiuni?
  • Cat de mare sau de mic e nivelul informatiilor pe care prefera sa se concentreze – imaginea de ansamblu sau detaliile?
  • Cand comunica, se concentreaza mai mult pe continutul mesajului sau pe latura non-verbala?
  • Sunt mai productivi cand lucreaza cu si alaturi de oameni sau cand lucreaza singuri?
  • Vor sa fie doar ei responsabili pentru ce lucreaza sau prefera sa imparta responsabilitatea?

Adaptarea la schimbare: (3 variabile)

  • Prefera ca schimbarea sa fie implementata printr-o creştere treptata si continua de-a lungul unei perioade de timp?
  • Le place ca lucrurile sa ramana stabile perioade lungi de timp, fara schimbari sau cu schimbari mici?
  • Prospera in medii aflate in continua schimbare si cauta mereu provocari noi?

Criterii motivationale: (3 variabile)

  • Sunt motivati mai ales de preluarea controlului si detinerea puterii, pentru a face o modificare?
  • Sunt motivati de senzatia de apartenenta la si de munca intr-un mediu armonios?
  • Sunt motivati de atingerea rezultatelor si de a excela in munca pe care o fac?

Abordarea sarcinilor/proiectelor: (3 variabile)

  • In ce ordine abordeaza o sarcina sau un proiect mare? Se concentreaza pe analiza sau pe intelegerea cerintelor? Prefera sa organizeze resurse si sa creeze structuri?… .. Vor sa inceapa imediat implementarea?

Procesare temporala: (3 variabile)

  • Cum se raporteaza la timp? Experienta .. Pragmatismul prezent… sau… Orientare spre viitor?

Structura regulilor: (4 variabile)

  • Cum se raporteaza la regulile nescrise sau la contractele sociale la locul de munca?… Simt nevoia sa vorbeasca atunci cand vad ca regulile sunt incalcate sau ignorate?… Sunt indiferenti la nevoia de reguli, mai ales nescrise?… Se bucura sa fie un model bun si sa conduca prin puterea exemplului?… .. Sunt mai dispusi sa accepte conceptul de „fiecare pentru el”?

Model de convingere – reprezentarea impulsului: (4 variabile)

  • Cum primesc informatiile pentru a fi convinsi? Care e modul primar de impuls senzorial pentru intelegere?… Sa vada .. sa auda singuri… sa citeasca singuri… sau sa faca si sa simta singuri?

Model de convingere – procesul de interpretare: (4 variabile)

  • Cum le place sa interpreteze sau sa proceseze informatiile primite?… Printr-o serie de .. Automat sau intuitiv… Prin verificare constanta… sau… De-a lungul unei perioade?

Filtre de interes la locul de munca: (8 variabile)

  • Ce aspecte ale muncii le influenteaza interesul si implicarea?……….. Oameni/Instrumente/Sisteme/Informatii/Bani/Loc sau Pozitie/Termene limita si Programe/Activitate…?

Dupa cum iti poti da seama, combinatia unica a celor 48 de modele de mai sus si a felului in care se imbina acestea ofera extrem de multe informatii despre structura de performanta a fiecarui individ in mediul sau specific de lucru si in rolul sau.



All sensitive and confidential information is processed in a secure, encrypted  format.


Notă : Pentru ca completa chestionarul de profilare a performantei in Modelul National  de Performanta (Performance Standard Romania) te rog sa utilizezi un desktop / laptop  computer  sub Windows sau Appe OS sau un mobil / tableta sub Android, iOS sau Windows Mobile.
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Completarea chestionarului de profilare IWAM si  respectiv VSQ dureaza cate 20-30 de minute fiecare pentru a le finaliza; asa incat te rog sa le completezi într-o singură sesiune . Dacă te opresti la jumatate, timpul alocat sesiunii va expira  si va trebui sa o iei de la inceput intr-o sesiune noua.
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