Precision Power Leader assessment and Management development

Predicting Leader’s success and failure and upgrading to the power of excellence.

…we are creating new networks of knowledge … linking concepts to one another in startling ways … building up amazing hierarchies of inference … spawning new theories, hypotheses, and images, based on novel assumptions, new languages, codes, and logics. Businesses, governments, and individuals are collecting and storing more sheer data than any previous generation in history (creating a massive, confusing gold mine for tomorrow’s historians.) But more important, we are interrelating data in more ways, giving them context, and thus forming them into information; and we are assembling chunks of information into larger and larger models and architectures of knowledge. Not all this new knowledge is factual or even explicit. Much knowledge, as the term is used here, is unspoken, consisting of assumptions piled atop assumptions, of fragmentary models, of unnoticed analogies, and it includes not simply logical and seemingly unemotional information data, but values, the products of passion and emotion, not to mention imagination and intuition. It is today’s gigantic upheaval in the knowledge base of society — not computer hype or mere financial manipulation — that explains the rise of a super-symbolic economy.Alvin Toffler - The Powershift

The Power Leader Profiling (PLP) uses hybrid methods of qualitative interviews and quantitative method of profiling using the Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) and Value Systems Questionnaire (VSQ) and comparative pattern analysis to successful models of successful leaders.

The models

We are using three different PLP Financial Performers as Models based on the 2006 McKinsey & Co. study that implied  231 companies and 115,000 individuals.  Each Model contains 66 measured variables focusing on personal social values, attitudes, motivations, operational factors communication styles, etc. that influence performance and success:

  1. Alignment Leaders:

    • Shape and inspire people’s actions,
    • communicate and align the employees aiming a certain direction,
    • create and support a shared understanding and core values.
  2. Execution Leaders:

    • Shape and inspire people’s actions,
    • support people accountability and performance measurements,
    • focus on business performance and risks,
    • create skills and talent support as a competitive advantage,
    • inspire and highly motivate to perform, retain and develop,
    • encourage new ideas, change and creativity to grow.
  3. Renewal Leaders:

    • Shape and inspire people’s actions,
    • develop two way interactions with customers and stakeholders that drive values,
    • encourage new ideas, change and creativity to grow.

The outcome

Power Leader Profiling is used as a stand-alone online & live diagnostic tool and as part of a management development program to:

  • identify Leaders blind spots and vulnerabilities that limits excellence
  • assess  and developing partner synergy (including risks and threats)
  • succession and exit planning, etc.
  • create personal and leaders’ „core team” customized coaching programs upgrade to excellence
  • perform executive customized coaching sessions and mentoring scheme.

The process

  1. During a pre-assessment debrief we elicitate on-site the Context of Evolution, the Critical Success Factors and the Key Performance Indicators appropriate for each Client.
  2. Client completes, in his/her own privacy, two secure online questionnaires, Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) and Value Systems Questionnaire (VSQ).
  3. the assessment’s results are validated through an online feedback and a live profiling meeting.
  4. Client’s profile is compared to each of the three PLP Models and contrastive analysis  specific reports are issued .
  5. analyse and discuss with the Client the reports  and based on the discoveries
  6. create a coaching and mentoring plan to modify certain personal patterns that limit the Client’s performance.
  7. after finalizing the coaching/training /mentoring program the Client completes, again the two secure online questionnaires Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) and Value Systems Questionnaire (VSQ), and the assessment’s results are validated through an online feedback and a live profiling meeting.
  8. create specific programs for other special issues like „core team coaching”, partner synergy or succession and exit planning, etc.


Depending on the complexity and Client schedule we estimate a minimum of 2 weeks to 4 weeks intensive 2-3 hrs/day program that can be compressed during weekends.

Standard international management development consulting cost are applied.

Research and info

Thorough research provides the foundation for our business. Since we know that our Clients can drastically benefit from our tools, one of our goals is to provide the most trustworthy way to measure them and the science behind them. If we can prove what our testing is objective and accurate, then the findings and interventions have a greater credibility. That is why thorough research is our top priority.